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Top 5 Things To Do in Grand Cayman Islands

One of the top diving destinations in the Caribbean

By Halsell Staff on Dec 05, 2018

One prestigious island that can’t be missed on your Caribbean island-hopping adventures is Grand Cayman. With over 300 dive sites, a Ritz Carlton Resort with a private golf course, a newly built Kimpton Hotel and a Four Season Resort in the making, Grand Cayman Island is on the rise to becoming a go-to island for tourists.

Being less than a three-hour flight from DFW Airport in Dallas, Texas can make this island a quick weekend getaway spot for anyone looking for an adventure and doesn’t want to break the bank. However, you can still knock yourself out with luxury at the waterfront Ritz Carlton which is located right on Seven Mile Beach. Rooms at the Ritz can be had for around $500 during the summer which is considered its slow season.

On the resort premise is a new interactive water attraction for family entertainment called the Starfish Cay. The water attraction, which appeals to young families, has splash pools, color slides, interactive water nozzles and more.


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1. Golf At The Ritz

This resort is equipped with a Greg Norman designed, private nine-hole golf course, surrounded by water canals, palms trees, and enough room for a 601-yard Par 5 making it one of the best golf courses on the island. The resort Golf Club also offers a pro shop, rental equipment, and tournament conditioning.

A Trackman Golf Simulator is also located inside The Bunker and may be reserved by the hour through the Golf Shop. Trackman is an indoor golf simulator that precisely measures impact and ball flight pattern, helping players evaluate and perfect their swing. It is the only Trackman on Grand Cayman. With the Trackman, you may also experience 80 virtual course and terrain visuals, ranging from Pebble Beach to the Old Course at St. Andrews.


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As a member of The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Grand Cayman you will benefit from discounts with guest and only pay a cart fee, exclusive savings at the Golf Shop and La Prairie Spa.


2. Scuba Diving (of course)

It comes to no surprise that diving should be on this list. Cayman is known for having some of the best/most dive sites in the Caribbean so if you’re going to Cayman, diving should be the first thing on your list. There are over 365 different dive sites in Cayman and if you were up for the challenge you could go to a different dive site every day of the year.


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Most of the dive sites consist of taking a charter boat out with an instructor/guide where you are also provided scuba gear. These charters usually go to two dive sites in the morning and two in the afternoon. In other words, a two-tank dive. So, when your tank is empty your dive time is up...obviously. One thing to keep in mind is that every thirty feet your body consumes more oxygen so if you go to the North Wall and decide you want to see if you can reach 150 feet, go ahead and expect your usual 30 minute dive to be cut in half.

A few of the hottest diving spots in Cayman would include: 

  • The Kittiwake. This USS Kittiwake is a 251-foot-long submarine support ship that was sunk in 2011 as an artificial reef.
  • The North Wall. The Cayman Trench is an underwater cliff that drops into the darkness and reaches depths of around 25,000 feet.
  • Stingray City. There is a couple of “Stingray Cities” in Cayman. One is a very shallow snorkel spot that you can walk out too in waste deep water. The other is by boat but also a shallow spot of around 15-20 feet in depth.

There are several dive spots that have shore entry if you are not fond of taking a boat out for a half day adventure. Highly recommended for first-time divers that want to ease into it.


3. Cayman Crystal Caves

One of the newest nature attractions in Cayman is the Crystal Caves. It is located on the upmost Northside of Grand Cayman which will take every bit of an hour to drive around to the other side of the island. Inhabited by bats while also having fossilized shells, these caves reveal that they were once all located under water. As sea levels changed over time and land began to rise, rooms began to form through water erosion, making caves with stalagmite and stalactite crystal structures.



Legend has it, that hundreds of years ago, Pirates used the caves as a hideout and buried treasures are still hidden in the caves today. If you decide to make the trip to the caves, don’t forget your pickaxe.


4. Go To Hell

Literally. Hell is a unique formation characterized by short, black, jagged limestone about half the size of a football field located in West Bay, Grand Cayman. It is unknown how exactly it got its name but one would imagine Hell being a fitting name if you were to walk across the formation barefoot.

Regardless, the name has stuck now sits a devil-red-themed post office where you can send “postcards from Hell”, and a gift shop featuring “Satan” passing out souvenirs while greeting people with “How the hell are you?” and “Where the hell are you from?”



If you can make the trip, it sure does make for one hell of a postcard. Hell, you might get some cool shirts out of it.


5. Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is probably the main attraction and most populated part of the island. You will find many waterfront restaurants and bars, The Ritz Carlton, jet-ski rentals, snorkeling, parceling, and many other watersport adventures or just relaxing while you soak up the sun with an ice-cold mojito in hand.


Photo by Halsell, LLC

Article by Halsell Staff

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