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6 Things You Need for a Day at the Beach

Don't Go to the Beach Without These

By Simply Madeline on Dec 04, 2018

Ok so you decided to head to the beach for the day? Great! But have you really thought this through? You know, the sand… the salt water… the sand… all the packing and did I mention, the sand? As a some one who spent my whole life on the west coast I know all the do’s and don’ts for the beach, trust me.

As a kid I grew up near the not so sunny coast of Oregon, and that took a lot more crazy tricks, such as remembering to pack your rubber rain boots and Columbia coat. However, I’m just going to assume that you need some tips for a normal beach, the kind with sunshine, and warm enough water to actually swim in. so here we go! My top 6 beach hacks!


1. Baby Powder

Yup, you got that right. Baby powder. I’m kicking this off with my favorite tip for the beach. Have you ever had the problem with sand sticking to your feet and then you finally get to the pavement and spend a solid ten minutes rinsing your feet off only to set them back into a pair of squishy, sand covered flip flops? Well, with some simple baby powder you could skip all that frustration. Just rub powder on your feet, hands, where ever and voila! The sand wipes right off!


2. Fitted Sheet

For me, a huge part of going to the beach is lying out in the sun and working on that summertime tan. Problem is, every time I lay my beach towel out, it gets covered in sand, isn’t big enough or blows away the second I get up to dip my toes in the water. If you bring a fitted sheet along you can replace your tiny towel for a much bigger spot to lie out on.

Just use your cooler, beach bag, shoes, whatever other items you brought to hold the corners and then you have the perfect sand free and secure tanning location. Part two of this tip: if you’re not a fan of dirtying up a fitted sheet or just hate folding them (truly, who CAN fold those things anyway?) you could always invest in a simple sand resistant towel like this one here below.



3. Use a Mesh Beach Bag

Mesh beach bags are the only way to go for me, just let all the sand fall out the bottom and if you have a wet swim suit, you can place it in the bottom of the bag and let it drip out on to the ground so it can dry, rather than having your backpack or purse soak up a bunch of salt water.


4. Carry Your Essentials in a Jar

Yet another DIY use for a mason jar! Put your phone, keys, and wallet into a jar to keep them safe and dry. Not to mention you can easily dig a little hole and tuck your jar underneath your towel (or fitted sheet) to keep it out of sight.


5. Booze It Up, (responsibly)

Ok this one might not be exactly legal for every beach, but that almost makes it all the better of a tip if you’re looking to sneak some alcohol on a dry beach. All you need is a watermelon and a bottle of vodka! If you haven’t heard of this handy little trick yet, here’s how you do it: cut a whole in the watermelon the size of the neck of the vodka bottle.

Then scoop some melon out to make room. Next, just tip the watermelon on its side so you can place the vodka bottle into the hole with out spilling, tip it back up so the vodka pours into the watermelon and let it sit! It also helps if you save that little piece of the rind that you cut off in the beginning, that way you have a plug for easy transporting.


6. Hand-held Car Vacuum

I somehow manage to find sand in my car for days and sometimes even weeks after a beach trip. It drives me nuts! The sand then gets tracked from my car to my house and from there it seems to multiply!

So, in order to prevent this problem, you have to tackle it right at the source. Keep a hand held vacuum in your car so you can do a quick clean up from your shoes and sandy clothes right away. I also just find it useful to have the vacuum on hand for non-beach clean ups as well.

Article by Simply Madeline

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